How to Find the Presence of God First

God's presence can be experienced in many ways. Firstly, we can feel his presence when we read his inspired word. His word is sharper than a two-edged sword and can prick your heart with conviction, inspiration or determination.

You can also feel his presence when you experience moments of awe and wonder in nature, art or music. It charges you, changes you and opens your eyes to see his glory.

1. Read the Word

The Word of God is the key to the presence of God. This is why those who know Him best have made reading the Bible a priority in their lives. God’s presence is experienced primarily in His Word, which He has given us to read to Him and through it to experience His heart for us.

Reading the Word in a quiet place with few distractions is most effective. It could be the first thing in the morning before your spouse and children wake up, during a lunch break at work or even when you’re getting ready for bed. Pick a time and stick to it so that you can build the habit of feasting on Scripture daily.

It’s helpful to have resources available to help you understand what you are reading, such as a Bible dictionary, atlas or encyclopedia. You may also want to try different translations. Sometimes a verse that you are familiar with will suddenly hit you in a new way when read in a different translation.

Reading out loud can help you to better retain what you are reading, and it was often the case that the Israelites would assemble together to hear the words of God read so they could then “do them.” (Deut. 4:1) Reading with earnestness means being willing to apply what you are reading to your life and to meditate upon it, to practice self-denial and prayer so that you can see the Word of God come alive in you.

When we are in God’s Word and begin to realize His heart, the reality of His presence is experienced throughout our day, from the moment we awaken. Throughout the day, we are constantly in His presence through the tapestry of moments He has weaved into our life.

2. Pray

The Bible teaches that the presence of God is the Holy Spirit, so when we talk about entering the presence of God, we are talking about being filled with the Holy Spirit. This happens when you receive the Lord Jesus Christ into your life and become born again (Romans 8:9).

Once you have the Holy Spirit, it’s important to pray and read the Word regularly. When you pray, you enter into the presence of God and your whole being becomes focused on Him. Your thoughts and emotions become open to Him, and He hears and responds to them. The things of this world – noise, problems, people – become secondary or even forgotten. Prayer is the most intimate piece of a Christian’s walk with the Lord.

Spend time daily reading the Word of God, asking the Holy Spirit to help you see and understand it on a deeper level. Pray as you read, speaking to Him about your concerns and asking Him to reveal His love for you. Be honest with Him and don’t hold anything back – He already knows what you are thinking and feeling, but it is healthy for your spiritual growth to communicate it to Him.

Pray out loud or silently, depending on your comfort level and situation. If you pray out loud, be sure to speak in a way that honors Him and is respectful of others present with you. You may find that as you pray out loud, you are able to focus more on Him and listen better for His response. If you pray silently, be sure to give Him time to speak back to you – it can take some practice!

3. Listen

All the best relationships are based on effective communication. In the same way, if you are looking to find the presence of God, the most important thing is to learn how to listen. God wants to speak to us, and the most common way he does so is through Scripture. Spending regular time in the Bible reading in the Iglesia Cristiana Fort Worth  will help you become familiar with the things Christ reveals to you. This will make it easier for you to hear Him when He speaks to you, encouraging or teaching you or convicting you of sin.

It’s also important to realize that God can speak to you in any environment or situation – so don’t let your expectations keep you from hearing Him! However, being intentional about the places you spend your time with Him and noticing what helps you experience His presence can make a difference in how often you feel it. For example, if you find that your spiritual experiences most often occur when you are sitting at the piano playing worship music or rocking your baby to sleep, consider trying to do those activities in God’s presence more frequently.

Lastly, ask God to open your eyes to see Him more regularly. He will show you His presence in the little things of life like the beauty of a sunset or the love in your husband’s eyes when he looks at you. Or, He may reveal His presence to you during a huge evangelistic event, at a prayer meeting with a large group of people or even through your Christian friends. He can and will show up at any moment, but the more you practice these steps, the more you will grow in the ability to recognize His presence and know He is near!

4. Be Still

When we talk about entering the presence of God, it can sound like a magic trick — like if you know the right steps and say the right prayers, God will show up to your life in some spectacular way. But the truth is that entering the presence of God is not some experience to be rushed or dragged into as an afterthought. It’s a daily commitment and choice. It’s a relationship and a discipline, and it isn’t based on how well you read the Bible or pray.

If you’re going to spend time with God, you need to be still — physically, emotionally and spiritually. You need to make a conscious decision to let go of everything that keeps you busy and focus your attention on Him. That might mean letting go of your to-do list, or it might mean talking through all of your disappointments and frustrations. It might mean getting all the emotions out, even crying or yelling (as Elisha did in 2 Kings 6:17-20). Whatever it means for you, be willing to release your baggage and sit with God in his presence.

Then you need to listen – really listen. You may hear his voice in your head, or you might see spiritual pictures come to mind, or you might feel joy or peaceful goosebumps. It’s a different way of being with Him than the way you listen to music, watch TV or play games.

It’s also important to practice being still throughout the day, even during your hectic and harried schedule. Practicing these spiritual disciplines will help you find the stillness that will allow you to hear his voice and sense His presence all the time.

5. Be Thankful

The first step in any spiritual practice is often gratitude. A classic biblical psalm calls us to "Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise" (Psalm 100:4). Gratitude is a powerful entry point because it shifts our focus from what we don't have to all that God has done for us.

We can thank Him for everyday things like a cup of water, a good night's sleep or televised football. We can also thank Him for bigger blessings, like family, friendships or a job well done. Practicing thankfulness and learning to see His hand in every aspect of our lives brings us closer to Him.

Developing an attitude of gratitude will be challenging in times of stress and struggle, but we must remember that the Bible says to "give thanks in all circumstances" (Colossians 4:6). Choosing to be thankful will help us trust in Him when trials come and draw us into His presence more deeply. So, as you celebrate with friends and family, spend some time this weekend thinking about all that God has done and continues to do for you. This will be the best way to experience His presence and joy today.

God's presence can be experienced in many ways. Firstly, we can feel his presence when we read his inspired word. His word is sharper than a two-edged sword and can prick your heart with conviction, inspiration or determination. You can also feel his presence when you experience moments of awe and wonder in nature, art…